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New passenger boat for inland waterways

A very futuristic shuttle boat under construction


This new futuristic style of this waterways shuttle boat has been inspired by the most advanced train and tramway projects.



Alu Marine has developped this boat with his partner the naval architecture and design office Stirling Design International (SDI).


This boat is currently under construction at the Alu Marine shipyard. She will be delivered in Calais in a few weeks.

Her arrival in Calais will mark the opening of the first inland waters line in the city of Calais. The boat will sail on the Calais Canal and will operate between the Citadelle and the Pont de Coulogne. The trip will take 35 minutes to cover the four kilometres and serve the four scheduled stopovers.


The boat will have the capacity to carry 70 passengers in the transport version and 44 guests in the restaurant version. The propulsion consists of a 125 HP engine, which will give an average speed of 12 knots.


  • Futuristic lines
  • Optimized access
  • Dual purpose


Fitted with catering equipment, the vessel will also be available for cruises and evening receptions.


The boarding ramps on the bow are perfectly conform to the applicable accessibility standards and the simplified berthing facilities will short the time and reduce the fuel consumption during the manoeuvring.


  • Pictures of the construction



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