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Maritime Journal - March 2017

"New 15m pilot boat

France’s Alumarine Shipyard has begun the construction of a new aluminium 15-metre pilot boat from its 12 to 18 metre AMS range, developed with the architect Geronimo Naval Design.

This latest-generation boat benefits from the shipyard’s experience with similar vessels and the expertise of the architect on pilot boats and crew boats operating on offshore oilfields..."







This new 15m model is intended for pilotage operations in an African port, so design and equipment selected are all suitable for use in tropical environments (high temperature and humidity).


The vessel is equipped with a pair of 11-litre engines, rated for 3000 hours of annual operation. With 2x455hp power, the boat will reach 23 knots.


The proven hull shape ensure excellent navigation qualities: very good passage to the sea, very good stability in all sailing conditions and excellent manoeuvrability for boarding operations.


Particular attention was given to safety and comfort on board. The accommodation, equipment and deck plan have been specifically designed to facilitate the transfer of pilots: handrails, adapted ratlines with ladder and footboard, robust fendering in coated foam along the whole length of the deck line which allows very good shock absorption during ship contact.


The built-in wheelhouse has been designed to provide a lower centre of mass to bring both stability and better comfort at sea.


The boat is also predicted to be particularly quiet, thanks to the engine position behind the wheelhouse.


The wheelhouse is mounted on blocks, a system which has proved its worth on the previous model. This should also considerably reduce noise and vibrations and ensure a good acoustic environment despite the speed and the 2x455hp on board.


The wheelhouse, glazed to the maximum, offers a 360° visibility to the crew, both seated and standing. The glazing has been extended to the roof to allow a complete view when coming alongside ships.


The spacious wheelhouse can accommodate nine people in a sitting position, including three crew members and six passengers.


She is due to enter into service in mid 2017.


By Jake Frith - Maritime Journal - March 2017

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