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Harbour barges designed for the recovery and treatment of wastewater


Harbour and anchorage pollution is a nuisance all over the world and to date, none of the solutions suggested has been efficient.

Ecotank, a brand of the company Azure Trend, which specialises in water treatment, had a particularly innovative idea.

The company was the creator of a mobile water treatment (black and grey water, bilge water) and cleaning system for harbours and anchorages. It decided to contact the Alu Marine shipyard to build 3 aluminium harbour barges.


These silent non-polluting crafts allow the Ecotank team to intervene directly alongside the boats.

This approach, which resolves the problem of ‘illegal dumping’ by boats, is included in the sustainable development policy of those harbour authorities who are keen to be up-to-date with European and ‘bleu flag’ labels.



The barges enable the recovery and the treatment of grey, black and bilge waters from the boats. The tanks can hold up to 6,5 tonnes of waste.
The net at the front of the barge is used to collect flotsam in harbours and anchorages on the move.They can also be fitted with fire hoses with a pumping capacity of up to 300 l per minute and offer assistance to any boat in distress should the need arise.


These barges have been designed to come alongside ships at any angle, whether they are moored along the quay or at anchor.  The tanks, tubes and fittings are designed to ensure the absence of any spillage during the operation.
ECOTANK conforms to all the LLOYD’S, AMERICAN COST GUARD, DNV and WATER QUALITY standards.



Alu Marine, builder of commercial aluminium ships, was particularly interested in this innovative and forward-thinking project. Because of its versatile and adaptable nature, aluminium was the choice material for the client.

The barges were custom built on the basis of the specific needs of the Ecotank team.
Each barge was then fitted with an on-board water treatment unit.  Wastewater could therefore be treated immediately on board and the clean water drained at sea.



At the moment, Ecotank operate in the south of France (Cannes and Antibes regions) and the company is rapidly developing already with a project to extend the fleet and the operating areas.

Alu Marine harbour barges

Length: 6.60 m

Width: 2.48 m

Depth: 0.70 m

Tanks capacity: 6500 l

Engine power: 50 HP

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