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23-metre double ended catamaran

  • 23-metre double ended passenger vessel

This 23-metre ferry transports passengers between two banks of a river in Netherlands.


Optimized manoeuvrability

This 23 meters boat has the particularity of being able to move equally in both directions without having to turn around, reducing the operating time and fuel consumption.


The wheelhouse offers a 360-degree view to the pilot and is equipped with a twin steering console and a swivelling seat for manoeuvring from either side.



Design and functionality
Developed in collaboration with the Stirling Design International design office, this simple and robust ship, classified by Bureau Veritas, has received special attention in terms of design and layout. Her simple and practical accommodation provides maximum efficiency for the transportation of passengers on short trips, while ensuring comfort and safety to passengers.


The boat is equipped with four mobile platforms on each side, which will enable the passengers to embark and disembark quickly and safely on either bank.


Low consumption

This boat is built in aluminium. The lighter weight and hull design makes low water resistance that results in lighter engines. Indeed, this boatcarrying 200 passengers is exceptionally light, ensuring low power consumption and excellent manoeuvrability, thanks to her two 160 HP azimuth thrusters, driven by 180 HP engines.


She allows to drop fuel consumption by 33% of the normal average usage of the other ferries (for 80 to 25 litres/hour).


Durability and easy maintenance

The superstructure is not painted but partially stickered and in many aspects recycled materials were used. Only LED-lighting is used and the choice for aluminium allows for fewer maintenance materials.


This aluminium passenger boat is built according to the latest inland waterways regulations.



  • Specification

Construction Alumarine Shipyard
Architect Stirling Design International
LOA 23.00 m
LWL 22.00 m
Beam 8.00 m
Overall beam
8.20 m
Hull draft
1.00 m
Max draft
1.70 m
Propulsion 2 x 160 cv
Engines 2 x 180 cv
Running speed
11.8 nds
Passenger seats
Crew 3
Bicycles 24


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