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Home Press Review European Boat Builder - 03/2012

European Boat Builder - 03/2012

Yard focus: Alumarine Shipyard


"By combining its own first-class aluminium welding with skilled engineering and fit-out subcontracting, Alumarine Shipyard is successfully building highly-customised craft for the leisure and commercial sectors..."






Adaptable in aluminium

At times of pandemic economic downturn, such as nearly all developed western economies have struggled through for more than four years now, it's clearly an advantage for small manufacturers to market their technical skills to the maximum. In European boatbuilding there can be few companies that have followed this principle more adroitely than Brittany-based yard, Alumarine Shipyard.


The diversity of the company's list of 11 build projects for 2012 (and going into 2013) demonstrates the point.

First to leave the Alumarine Shipyard this year was a 12m pilot boat, which was launched in February. Then in March, as EB went to press, the launch of a multi-purpose workboat, also of 12m, was about to be launched, while (either already under construction or scheduled to be started soon) were two 15m workboats for April launching, a 23m passenger ferry (June delivery), plus a 15m sailing catamaran and a 20m trawler catamaran for handing over to private customers in September and December respectively.


Also du to be finished sometime in the second half of this year is a monohull sailboat of 40.5m which is intended for oceanographic exploration and television programme production. And on the books for 2013 are two 7.2m ocean floor survey boats and a 20m passenger ferry, for February and March delivery respectively.


The current work programme at the yard reflects shifts in boat markets around the world. Over the past few years commercial and workboat markets have generally been more stable compared with the all-too-familiar volatility in recreational boating markets in recent times.

Switching sectors

Last year, the balance of work was quite different. More boats were completed for the leisure market than commercial ones. According to a spokesperson for the yard, its big strength is that it can switch readily from one sector and application to another. That's because its work is almost entirely one-offs.

Only the recreational power cat range (three model of 70ft, 76ft and 88ft) designed by Van Peteghem Lauriot Prevost, and the Havana sailing cat range (53ft, 60ft and 72ft) drawn by Berret-Racoupeau Yacht Design, break with this tradition, being semi-custom and allowing customers to choose equipment fit-out and interior finish and within standardised hulls and superstructures...

European Boat Builder - March 2012 - Bob Greenwood reports





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