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Home Press Review Shetland News - August 2014

Shetland News - August 2014

"Yell firm gets new mussel harvesting boat"


"A new purpose-built mussel harvesting vessel arrived in Lerwick Harbour on Thursday.

Built by Alumarine Shipyard in Nantes [France], the Service-Cat 14 aluminium boat – named "Reliance" – measures 14 metres long and 6.5 metres wide..."






"Managing director of the Yell firm said his company’s existing workboat had limited deck space, meaning cleaning and grading of mussels had to be done on shore.

The ‘Reliance’ will be fitted out with cleaning and grading equipment over the next 10 days,” he said, “which will make our harvesting operation much more efficient and allow us to process greater volumes of mussels."

“We selected Alumarine Shipyard in France to build the vessel because we were impressed with their workmanship and they were already familiar and experienced in building our chosen Service Cat 14 design. We are very pleased with the result, which will make a significant difference to our business.”

Arriving in Lerwick, skipper of the boat said: “We have covered 1,200 miles since we left the shipyard in Brittany. We encountered some poor weather conditions in the Irish Sea but the boat handled it very well. We were pleased with the good overall speed of the vessel, averaging 11 to 12 knots.”

The introduction of this new harvesting vessel is part of a gradual expansion of the company, which supplies retail and wholesale markets across the UK including many high-end restaurants in London via Billingsgate Market.


Yell firm gets new mussel harvesting boat - Written by Shetland News - 08 August 2014

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